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Is there a way to implement some basic form of private messaging. I've found myself now wanting to, say, contact a mod about a particular site issue. Or maybe I want to offline with someone that I'm having a particularly contentious messaging back-and-forth with. I think there needs to be a way to step back from the public discourse and be able to talk with someone though some kind of private messaging scheme. Even if it just sends a message to their email.


Considering the openid system never asks for my e-mail - it can't send me one. I found myself missing the PM abilities at first on stack overflow, but you get used to it. If you want to be contacted - you can add links to your website/email in your profile. If you want to talk to the team - team@epicadvice.com. – ♦♦gnarf (Oct 9 2009 10:00 AM)


Well somewhere on my user profile I know I entered my email address, even though that was to match my user icon. The data is at least there. I suppose I will learn to live without! The team contact email is a great start at least. – Takkara (Oct 9 2009 10:02 AM)

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