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EuripidesOutDPS posted an answer to this question



I have a feature request- could you let us save an RSS feed for questions that contain a tag, or a group of tags? Ideally this feed would only contain the initial question and not be updated every time someone edits or answers it.


http://epicadvice.com/feeds/tag/raiding - or search for a tag - there should be a link to the proper feed. – ♦♦gnarf (Oct 8 2009 8:11 PM)


I'd like to see an RSS feed for the newest questions page. – Wridel (Oct 9 2009 6:37 PM)


Actually, scratch that, I'd rather see a new questions Twitter feed. I only open my RSS client a couple times a day, but Tweetie updates every minute. – Wridel (Oct 9 2009 6:41 PM)

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