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Still looking around but you're likely going to get many posts/answers with links to long standing popular resources. Standing advice to RTFM - and provide a well marked up and documented list of the recourses may allow for more considered questions/answers than many people linking to threads or articles on other sites.

I know I've already in my contributing for less than an hour, linked to mmo-champion, rawr, wow insider and almost linked maxdps and elitest-jerks.

I'm trying to come up with any suggestions for you that would make this the go to place over all the other places one can ask and research wow info.

And I really wish I'd linked my unregistered post/user to this one correctly.


Yeah I imagine their will be a lot of cross-site linking. The ultimate goal here is to collectively input that information here as well, by offering diagram tools, item/spell linking and character linking. Hopefully as time progresses, and more players get involved, moderators can help clean that stuff up too. http://stackoverflow.com is pretty much what were modeled after, so feel free to browse them for ideas as well. – ♦♦Jesta (Oct 7 2009 2:21 PM)


As a side note - we definately encourage linking to wowhead - We have there popup library embedded in the site, so any links to wowhead items/spells will create nice popups. – ♦♦gnarf (Oct 7 2009 4:45 PM)

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