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EuripidesOutDPS posted an answer to this question



Instead of asking people to search the QA database before asking questions, maybe

  • do it for them once they enter their question (our automated search found this- did that answer your question? If not, please press "ask anyways")
  • Provide some centralized knowledge base that has known answers to common questions, and some way of retiring obsolete questions (maybe have a "valid in patch x" tag)


I definitely want to include a tag or some form of organization that tags the question as to "This question was asked in 3.2.2" or "This answer applies to 3.3", so when the question becomes outdated, newer versions can exist, or old versions can be updated. As for the "question suggestion" thing, I believe the SE engine already does that after you enter the title of your question, it suggests other questions that may of already been asked, to see if maybe your question has already been asked. – ♦♦Jesta (Oct 7 2009 2:26 PM)

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