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We've recently published a new blog post explaining what's going on with EpicAdvice.com and are looking for someone to work with us to improve the site. If you're interested, have some ideas and want to know more, check out our blog post and feel free to email us at team@epicadvice.com. - Jesta

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Werner posted an answer to this question



Must say I don't really care for the current theme...


Anything in particular you dont like? We are still working and customizing it. If you have any specific suggestions I'd love to hear them! – EpicAdvice (Oct 8 2009 12:55 PM)


One thing I just noticed: the edit history has uuugly grey boxes. See http://epicadvice.com/revisions/799/list – lilserf (Oct 8 2009 4:07 PM)


One note is that while gold and purple are both decent colors on top of a black background, they don't work well together IMO. I saw some popup/notices that were purple on gold BG. – Wikwocket (Oct 9 2009 10:52 AM)

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