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Downloading mirror patches - need advice



Im currently deployed to Afghanistan. we just set up a new internet service but, i thought i had downloaded the entire new patch but upon arriving back from leave and opening up my wow launcher i got hit with a 5.2 G B DL. ouch. its very slow to download and very bad bandwidth. i have access to faster computers and i was wondering if i could download this patch onto an external drive and plug it in to my laptop in my room to make this faster. i have no idea if i can even play in my room or not but i cant make the test without the patch. is this at all possible and where can i go to get the download?

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Yes, you can get download a patch onto a different machine and then copy the files over. You need to put the tfil file into your main folder and the mpq the WoW data folder. If you have the correct bits the launcher will then update.

I recomment using http://www.wowpedia.org/Patch_mirrors for the location of patch mirrors.

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