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How do you change factions from Scryers to Aldor?



I found a single Daily questgiver that will give me 275 aldor rep per turnin, but it looks like I'd need to do the daily 127 times to simply move from Hated to Unfriendly. Is this really the only way to change factions?

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Yes, that quest is the only way to change factions. You're mistaking it, though; it's not a daily, it's a repeatable. So if you can grind / buy the items needed quickly it'll not take you as long as you think :)

For the record: Aldor to Scryer / Scryer to Aldor.

You're lucky and you're a Human: starting from 0/36000 Hated, it's going to take you 1224 of the turn-in items (Aldor to Scryer / Scryer to Aldor) - 153 turn-ins - to get to Neutral.

If you weren't Human, it'll take you 1344 items, or 168 turn-ins.

With the level cap raised to lvl80, about the only reason to do this whole rep-grind is the "Hero of Shattrath" Feat of Strength, as the items the Aldor and Scryer faction provided - chiefly the shoulder enchants - are quite pointless at lvl80.

(Another reason you might want to do the grind would be if you needed an extra tabard to reach twenty-five; but there are a lot of tabards that are vastly easier to get, to the point that faction-switching is unnecessary.)


Thanks for the response. I suspect it's simply not worth switching factions as I'll hit 70 and move on to Northrend before I can get enough venom sacs. – Eridius (Oct 12 2009 7:06 PM)


Oh if you're not lvl80, it's genuinely not worth it in today's game. The only reason to do it would be to do the Feat of Strength Feist mentioned below. (Editing post to mention that now.) – Aeliel (Oct 12 2009 7:09 PM)


Another reason to do it is, if you're a completist like myself, so you can have the tradeskill recipes for both factions – Baberth (Oct 12 2009 7:54 PM)


The high level shoulder enchant from the Aldor/Scryer is comparable (I don't think they are the same, but comparable) to the low level Hodir shoulder enchant, so if you're close in rep, it may be easier to get that rep up, while grinding your Hodir rep. – Carliee (Oct 13 2009 7:22 AM)


Yes, but you'd not need to *switch factions*, just raise your Aldor / Scryer rep to Exalted in the first place. – Aeliel (Oct 13 2009 8:53 AM)


In response to Carliee, the Exalted enchants for Aldor/Scryer are equal to the Revered for Sons of Hodir. – Woldo (Oct 28 2009 12:02 PM)



I hope you like farming because you're about to do a lot of it.

To switch from Scryer to Aldor, you'll need to turn in the quest More Venom Sacs roughly 168 times to get to Neutral with the Aldor, followed by a long Rep grind from Neutral to Exalted.

To go the other way (Aldor to Scryer), you can do the quest More Basilisk Eyes. Note these quests are repeatable, not daily, though both quest types share the same Blue Exclamation icon, Repeatable Reputation Quests can be turned in as many times as you like with no throttle.

You will get a nifty Feat of Strength for your trouble however.


Though you'll only get the Feat of Strength if you start at Exalted with one faction and then hit Exalted with the other. If you end up changing your mind *before* you're Exalted, no Feat of Strength for you. – Aeliel (Oct 12 2009 7:05 PM)

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