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How to kill a destruction warlock as a frost mage?



I have trouble to win against my arena partners warlock (mostly furious gear + relentless offset) in duels with my mage (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Die+Silberne+Hand&n=Nid, mostly deadly gladiator stuff + relentless offset). I have about 2200 +damage and 130 spell penetration and enough hit.

I've already read Alcas dueling guide (http://wowriot.gameriot.com/blogs/Eurospective/Alca-Dueling-Guide-Part-4) but he says to kill the pet but I don't manage to do that. I did it once but then he just got his second pet out. He can heal the pet indefinitely with his life line and if he get's one chaos bolt + conflagate on me I'm dead. But if I get on him I don't get enough damage out especially with spell locks and he bursts me down quickly.

What can I do?

Edit: He is very experienced but one weekness he has: he does not fake cast.

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I'm no PvPer, so while I've definitely been killed by frost mages as a warlock I couldn't tell you why. What I can do, though, is suggest some counter-measures for the problems you've brought up:

  • You want to be killing the felhunter pet because that's who has the spell lock. Spell lock can't be used on instants. Alternatively, you might want to feint and start casting a fire or arcane spell, draw the spell lock onto the fire school, and then launch into your more powerful frost spells.
  • When we warlocks are using Health Funnel to heal our pet, we're not casting and we're letting our health drain into our pet. Shift damage to the warlock.
  • Conflagrate requires an Immolate to function, and Immolate requires a cast. If you get Immolate on you, you can bet that Conflagrate is coming, probably in the last few seconds of the Immolate. If you can break line of sight and let Immolate tick off, that will buy you precious few seconds.
  • Remember Ice Block; if you can see your opponent casting Chaos Bolt, you can Ice Block to have them blow their cooldown, cast Ice Block again to jump out of it and use your biggest nukes. I believe it'll also make Immolate fall off.


Thanks for your advice but it didn't help me. I just can't kill the pet. My warlock partners health is not dropping if he casts health funnel. He has the talented it so it does less damage to him and heals his pet more and his armor spell outheals the damage that he gets from it. We duel on open field so there is no line of sight to break against his immolate. And the thing about the iceblock i know already but he can just cast it 10 seconds later. – kirdie (Oct 18 2009 5:38 PM)



He is right that tactic may work but I PVP quite a bit and I know as a DEST lock I would not waste the time to heal my pet I would just continue to cast on you or fear you. And a Dest lock will have a Glyph of Conflag which doesn't use up the Immolate. Just a couple of hints for you.

You should come to Zul'Jin and I will Duel you for Practice.

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