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Heirlooms for Leveling Druid



Which heirlooms do you recommend for leveling a druid alt?

This alt will be focused on PvE, not PvP

I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that I can equip the following heirlooms:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Weapon
  • Trinket 1
  • Trinket 2

So I'd appreciate recommendations in all the above mentioned slots. Thanks!


Advising whether you want to go Feral or Balance as you level would help... a lot. >_>; – Rilgon Arcsinh (Dec 24 2009 11:47 PM)


What Rilgon said. There's two ways to level. Feral and Balance. DO you want to spam Moonfire, or run around as a kitty for 60-80 levels? – Feist (Dec 25 2009 9:09 AM)


Not exactly hard to go through and list options for every slot for both cases, though. There's one option per slot unless you want to toss in the resilience heirlooms... I don't particularly see this as a reason to downvote the question, either. – Aeliel (Dec 25 2009 6:14 PM)


back in tbc I leveled my drood to 70 as a resto in about a week or so, mixing questing with instance can get you through the levels bloody fast, plus you'll learn how to heal early on :D so really for the open minded there are 3 specs – Phood (Dec 26 2009 6:48 PM)

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Well there are a number of ways that you can go about leveling a druid alt.

The main thing you should decide before buying a bunch of heirlooms is if you want to go as a feral druid(DPS/Tanking) or as a caster druid(Ranged DPS/Healing). As far as PvE goes, Feral druids are arguably faster at leveling then caster druids, although with heirloom items I don't believe that it will make too much of a difference which way you go, just choose which way you think will be more fun!

I'll go ahead and list the items for both types here so that way no matter what you decide, you can have the tools needed!

Feral Druid Heirlooms

If you want to be able to heal yourself in feral, then feel free to grab one or two of the Discerning Eye of the Beast trinkets instead. The spell power and mana regen don't really help a feral druid but it can help minimize downtime as you will be able to heal yourself more efficiently in between battles and regen the mana during.

Balance/Resto Druid Heirlooms

You can even go and enchant your heirloom items to make them even more potent. Enchantments made to heirloom items stay with them even if they are mailed to another character. Just keep in mind that heirloom items are always item level 1 so you will only be able to put vanilla/BC enchants on them.

On either of the chest pieces I would recommend Enchant Chest - Greater Stats. As far as the weapons go I would recommend getting, I would get Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility for feral and Enchant Weapon - Spellpower for Balance/Resto.

Have fun and good luck!


+1 for good thorough answer. I'm hoping somebody can come through and add the missing links. There are also heirlooms that can be obtained with Stone Keeper's Shards for the shoulder (Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders for ferals, Lasting Feralheart Spaulders for casters) and weapon slots (Grand Staff of Jordan for casters; there is no 2H melee-statted weapon, so you'd have to use a 1H dagger and find offhands as you level). Also, anything that can be purchased with Emblems of Heroism can also be obtained for Champion's Seals (once you're a Crusader) from Dame Evniki Capsalis at the tournament. – Aeliel (Dec 25 2009 6:09 PM)


for resto/boomkin you can always wear cloth if you have it lying around. it still beats most other leveling gear. – Phood (Dec 26 2009 6:50 PM)


Would the suggested shoulder/chest leather BoA items be appropriate for a Rogue also? – DarkFinch (May 21 2010 5:08 PM)


Would the suggested FERAL shoulder/chest leather BoA items be appropriate for a Rogue also? – DarkFinch (May 21 2010 5:09 PM)



When one is looking at heirlooms for alts, they are looking to make the leveling experience faster both with the increased stats (heirlooms are considered to be equivalent to same-level blue items) and through the experience point bonus. Which heirlooms you pick for your druid depends on which spec you plan to level as.

Regardless though, an heirloom item I haven't seen mentioned yet is Dread Pirate Ring. Not easy to obtain, but still gives an added 5% experience bonus for kills and quests.

With stamina being the main stat on the ring, it would stand to reason that it would suit melee characters more than casters, but as anyone who has leveled a caster knows, casters too get smacked up too, and a bit of stamina doesn't hurt them any. Hit and crit will help everyone as well.


Saw this link in the item comments - A guide to the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby: http://www.elsanglin.com/kaluak_fishing_derby.html – ♦♦gnarf (May 3 2010 3:49 PM)

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