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What is the highest level PvP gear that can be obtained using only honor?



Please bear with me, as I am a PvP noob. What is the highest PvP set available purchasable with honor only, and where do you obtain it? The gear sold in Orgrimmar seems a bit low, and compared to my tier 9 set, it's quite inferior (with the exception of resil and reduced stun set bonuses). Also, where can I purchase PvP weapon upgrades? My current weapon is Edge of Ruin.

I primarily run Wintergrasp with my Blood-specced Death Knight. Thanks in advance.

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As far as I'm aware, purchasing PVP weapons (with resilience on them) requires arena points, and as such you'll have to do arenas for them (while you do get 25 arena points for every battleground daily you complete, that's a really slow way of getting arena points). See the vendor in Dalaran, for instance. (Also see this old question on the subject.)

As for PVP sets, I have to admit they confuse me greatly (I'm hardly a PVP sensation, hell I barely PVP at all). I think they go like this:

  • Sets that are two seasons old (currently the Deadly set) are sold for honor; they're also sold for Emblems of conquest, or (less) honor and some arena points. This is the set you would've seen being sold in Orgrimmar.
  • Sets that are one season old (currently the Furious set) are sold for either Emblems of Triumph, or honor plus arena points.
  • Sets that belong to the current season (currently the Relentless set) are sold for arena points.

Non-set pieces are always bought with only honor, but the higher-end ones require arena rating to wear. The best you can get at the moment is, I think, the Furious batch (unless the Relentless batch has already gotten dropped to no requirements, in which case that would be it).

So, if you want to only spend honor, you're stuck with the Deadly set and Furious off-set pieces. (Though, if you're wearing T9, you might as well go grind heroics for Emblems of Triumph, and get the Furious set.)

As soon as the next arena season hits, the Relentless set and off-set pieces should become easier to obtain. But I'm not certain when that will be, or how things will change. Like I said, I'm not really a PVPer - I'm just relying on Wowhead, and that seems to be a bit un-updated in terms of PVP gear.


I know NOTHING about Arena gear and the 'arena seasons,' so this answer was very informative. I do know that there is a set available using Triumph emblems, but I haven't gotten enough emblems yet! As you've probably guessed, I just spent them all on my tier-9 set, lol. Thanks for the info! – DarkFinch (Dec 29 2009 8:56 AM)



As of 3.3 and since I have written this, Season 8 has NOT started yet. Therefore, the PvP gear which you can only purchase with Honor are limited to this.

  • Deadly Gladiator set pieces. In other words, overpriced item level 213 crap which most Arena teams would usually not want.
  • Furious Gladiator offset pieces, including belt, boots and bracers. Ilvl226.
  • I think you can also buy a Furious Gladiator quality pvp trinket which gives decent Resilience and lets you escape from movement impairing effects.
  • You can also purchase the Battlemaster trinkets, but they require high Rating.

If you want Furious Gladiator set pieces without setting foot into Arena, I'd suggest farming Emblems of Triumph for it. They're quite expensive but so far, it seems like the only viable way to get decent PvP gear apart from endlessly farming VoA for it.

Once again, this is a sign of how much players are required to step into Arena just to get half decent PvP gear.


Thanks. I have gotten a Furious Gladiator 226 drop from VoA, which DOES 'set' with the Deadly Gladiator pieces. This gives me a 4-piece set (the rest I've purchased with honor). I've started farming heroics with the intention to purchase more Furious gear. As for a pvp trinket, I used my HUGE supply of Stone Keepers Shards to buy a BoA pvp trinket, which is similar to the trinket you mentioned. It allows me to escape stuns and has resil. Another good thing about it is that I can use trade it to my level 20 mage, who I've deemed a 'primary PvP toon'. Thanks for the info! – DarkFinch (Jan 3 2010 10:57 AM)

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