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How do I best copy WoW settings to another computer?



I have been playing WoW for years, accumulating a number of add-ons and have tweaked many game settings. Now I have built a new gaming PC and have installed WoW on it.

I would now like to copy (or move), as completely as possible, all my add-ons and all my settings (both for add-on related and other), preferably for all my characters, to the new computer, so that my WoW environment there is as identical as possible to the original computer (except, hopefully, faster and with better graphics).

Could you give me some advice as to the technical steps to accomplish this? For example which folders I should copy where and in what order, etc.

I am running Windows Vista on my old computer and Windows 7 on my new.

I actually have a Curse add-on premium account, which claims to be able to “sync” add-on settings. I have activated that feature on my old computer, but I cannot find any detailed explanation on exactly how to use it. For example, should I first login on my new computer, and then run the sync, or should I first sync and then login?

Should I copy C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\* from one computer to the other? Before ever logging in? Before running Curse syncing?

This might sound trivial to some, but I have tech-savvy friends who have failed in copying settings satisfactorily when attempting to just copy the most obvious folders.

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Actually, you can just copy the entire WoW folder over to your new machine, and you should keep all of your settings / interface addons / save time doing a fresh install from disks...

When copying your preferences from one install to another, you should only need to worry about the "WTF" and the "Interface" folders.


This is far and away the best answer. – Rilgon Arcsinh (Jan 31 2010 4:39 PM)


Some addons keep info in another folder. I have found if i just move the WTF and Interface folders some of my addons still lose profiles. Example i seem to have this issue with Clique. some possibly copying the entire WOW folder is the correct action – CKD (Feb 1 2010 9:43 AM)


That's very strange, addons cant save anything outside of their SavedVariables. In fact, they don't even do the saving, the game makes the file for them. – Wridel (Feb 1 2010 10:41 AM)



i believe that a curse premium function is that it backs up UI settings
Curse client v4.0


I've yet to test this for a restore. Has anyone actually used it yet? – Wridel (Feb 1 2010 10:41 AM)


not yet, although I have been thinking that my pc needs a reformat recently so I might give it a go. – Phood (Feb 1 2010 11:15 AM)

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