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Subtlety PVP - Information



With the rogue changes in 3.3.3, i'm going to try out subtlety PVP. I am aware that mutilate is technically better, but i wanna learn more about my class, so i want to have played every spec.

Currently considering this spec : 12/5/54 My playstyle is Battleground & Wintergrasp PVP

I am interested in :

  • What are the stats you want as a subtlety PVP rogue
  • What weapons & poisons to use
  • What enchants to use
  • What glyphs to use
  • What abilities to use, when, and why

A lot of questions i know, but subtlety is a largely unexplored spec.


I've tried answering this twice already... Both times I get called away for some reason. Hopefully I'll get a chance to answer this question, but it's a super easy, though long answer. – Nehi (Feb 24 2010 7:25 AM)


*pokes nehi for an awesome answer!* – Phood (Mar 8 2010 6:38 PM)


While I don't know much about PVP other than ARMORPEN ZOMG STAB STAB that you spec into Master of Subtlety and Camouflage. Bonus damage in subtlety is really needed, the spec doesn't hit too hard, especially against mail or plate, and reduced chance to be seen is great, and would even the playing field if you happen to see another rogue. – Woldo (Mar 8 2010 6:57 PM)

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I found this thread over on arena junkies. it might be a bit arena centric for your needs, but it at least seems to tackle some of your glyph/spec questions.

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