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How to fight mobs as a survival hunter?



I just got my hunter,Hek (gul'dan), to level 80 recently, and decided to switch from BM to Surv. I can do very good boss dps (though its fight dependent), but i cant seem to keep my dps for mob pulls, more specifically wave based mobs (such as in HOR). I find that in single targeting ads such as the priest, ill do a good bit of burst, but once i start target switching (to the other ones close to dieing) i lose alot of dps. now i do tend to keep shooting away so that im at least doing some damage, but singe mobs consist of a fair amount of damage and it looks bad on charts, which gets me complaints. can anyone help me with what i should and shouldn't do?

*I tired to include my armory link but i was having issues, feel free to help/show me how!

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As a hunter, AoE DPS on trash pulls is nowhere as easy to achieve as it is for melee (think Fan of Knives, Divine Storm and the like). Still, there are a few tricks you can use:

  1. Misdirection on the tank + Volley - you can do this at the very start of the fight without fear of getting aggro; most DPS will have to wait a bit before they use their AoE. Misdirection + Explosive Trap + Volley is even better if you manage to pull it off.
  2. Use Explosive Trap liberally, recent buffs have made it very powerful, and Survival has multiple talents increasing its damage, including enabling it to proc Lock and Load.
  3. Use your frost traps to force Lock and Load procs (or use the procs from Explosive Trap) and unload the free Explosive Shots into several different mobs.
  4. Use Multi-Shot instead of Aimed Shot when there are more than two mobs near your primary target.

Still, keep in mind that the most important thing is that the primary kill target dies as quickly as possible; AoE is sometimes just a way to inflate Recount numbers.


Would like to add the following "rotations", which I find usefull. (3-5 mobs) MD tank, multi shot, volley, volley and more volley. Slipping in a nasty multi shot per CD, kill shots on low life mobs. When mob grp is down to 2 or 3 switch to single target DPS rotation (with multi shots) untill kill shot. (4 or more) Explosive trap, FD, pop trink spam volley, keeping explosive trap dropped on CD and FD on CD. When down to 3 mobs switch to the above rotation. – ramad (Feb 25 2010 2:55 AM)

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