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Beacon of light with Valithria Dreamwalker



If a hunter pet has blood of the rhino, allowing for 40% more heals received, and a paladin beacons some target and then heals the pet, will the extra healing be passed through?

Edit: I tested this, and the beaconed target doesn't get healed for 40% more. If the paladin is using a glyphed holy light, however, the holy light splash is inflated by 40% and all that healing is 100% transferred to the beacon target.


Your edit could actually be an answer to your own question instead of an edit... Can you give us the hard #'s that came from the test? :) – ♦♦gnarf (Feb 26 2010 5:04 AM)

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According to the wowhead comment by Bagaren on beacon:

The Beacon of Light heal is also affected by +healing buffs, such as Tree of Life Tree of Life (6% increased healing). This means, the original heal benefits 6%, while the Beacon-heal benefits another 6%. For example: Paladin puts Beacon on tank. Paladin heals a Rogue for 1060 (1000 original, 60 extra from ToL). Beacon heals the tank for 1123.6 (1060 original, 63.6 extra from ToL).

So I would imagine the same holds true for 40% increased healing benifit being passed along to the Beacon target. Also, if the pet was the target of the beacon, it would be healed for 40% more than the original heal.

Edit: Newer comments from wowhead (3.3.2) on blood of rhino (thanks crshcmidt): This comment suggests that the use of beacon/blood of rhino is the best idea ever... While this comment suggests this idea is false, that BoL doesn't count % modifiers anymore. I guess someone will just have to test and verify....



Yes. Even better, if the Paladin is using the Glyph of Holy Light, and the pet is parked within range of Valithria, Glyph of Holy Light heals will splash to Valithria as well for an additional 14% healing.

You can see many guilds doing something similar w/ Warlocks and Demon Armor.


+1 for definite knowledge as opposed to my shared community comments ;) – ♦♦gnarf (Feb 25 2010 4:49 PM)

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