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Best means of acquiring large quantities of Greater Eternal Essence?



So, the AH on my server seems to have run short of it's supply of Greater Eternal Essence at long last. As these are key components of my primary in-game means of making gold, I'm in need of a more reliable supply than simply buying them up any time they're on the AH for less than 8 gold each. What I'm looking for is recipes that I can reliably and cheaply mass craft and DE to produce large quantities of Greater or Lesser Eternals. I'm not particularly interested in investing the time to go solo level 50-60 instances, so please, don't suggest farming Strat or BRD. If I were interested in going out to farm, there are far more profitable lines of work. Bonus points for Engineering, Leatherworking, or Jewelcrafting based recipes, but I'm open to levelling Tailoring or BS on a DK if the long term savings are sufficiently large.

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Wowhead lists Ornate Thorium Handaxe as the only item having 100% chance to disenchant into Lesser Eternal Essence. It's created with blacksmithing. There's also several other items that often disenchant into eternal essences, you can find them through the links in your own post.


That's due to the fact that it's only been disenchanted five times (with the wowhead client watching). – Rilgon Arcsinh (Mar 1 2010 6:59 PM)


Unfortunately most of the items linked in the Wowhead comments for GEE's require some mats that have spiked substantially in price since early BC when, for instance, Star Rubies were worthless. I was hoping for some other suggestions I may have overlooked. – Feist (Mar 1 2010 7:40 PM)



Option 1: Greens Off The AH + Addon

An addon that helps greatly is Enchantrix (bundled with Auctioneer's package).

What it does is note in the item tooltip the various chances (in %) for it to disenchant into enchanting materials.

For example, item X will have a tooltip saying: "70% Eternal Essence, 20% Lesser Eternal Essence, 10% Small Radiant Shard". You can then browse the AH for greens in the appropriate level and Enchantrix will let you know which ones have the highest chance of giving Greater Eternal Essence.

Option 2: Crafting

Low-level tailoring mats are much cheaper than jewelcrafting and blacksmithing mats. You can buy up mass quantities of runecloth and make Runecloth Boots, which have a 22% chance of yielding Greater Eternal Essence (de'd 2000 times on Wowhead).

The highest chance of getting it, of course, will come from de'ing weapons, some of which you can make via blacksmithing. However, the cost of doing this will outweigh the returns, if your server prices are anything like ours. Huge Thorium Battleaxe, for instance, will cost 12 Thorium Bars in ore alone.



Farming Stratholme is a quick and easy way to get these (if you are an enchanter of adequate level). Here is a video to help you farm not only gce's but large brilliant shards and righteous orbs as well.



I did specifically note that I wasn't interested in farming Strat. If I'm going to farm for my gold, there are more efficient gold/hour options than running Strat for GEEs. – Feist (Aug 14 2010 7:13 PM)

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