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Polymorph Macro - Assign a raid icon?



I was wondering if there is some sort of macro that will assign a raid icon to the victim of my polymorph spell?

Perhaps this macro could also put a line into party chat that says something like

-target- has been sheeped! DO NOT KILL!

Basically anything to let my party members know that -target- has been polymorphed. Thank you in advance!


I do understand that it's easy for me to macro Polymorph to a line of chat, but I'm more interested in assigning a raid-icon to the target for easy visiblitiy. – DarkFinch (Mar 11 2010 10:30 AM)

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The SetRaidTargetIcon API call is probably useful here:

/script if (GetRaidTargetIndex("target") == nil) then SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 1); end
/cast Polymorph
/say {star} is sheeped! Don't touch it!

Note that you will need raid assist to use this function in raids.


Thanks for the 'setraidicon API' link! That info is quite useful and allows me to customize this macro further. +1 for the link. When I go home and try this macro and it works, you'll get the checkmark for sure. Thanks! – DarkFinch (Mar 11 2010 10:49 AM)

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