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Heirloom Gear for a leveling Disc / Shad Priest




Ive just started a Disc (ms) / Shaddow (os) priest. I was wondering if you could reccomend what heirlooms i should get.

I presume these are the following types that i can get.

Shoulders Chest Wepon Trinket

Can you reccomend what to equip for each slot?

Are there any other types of armor or equipables that i can get and if so what? (ie wand or off hand)

Ive also heared that i can use 2 of the same trinket, is this also true?

Are there any enchants that i can get put on the equpment also?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions!


Please don't apologize for asking questions on a site intended to ask questions ;) – Jorn86 (May 23 2010 3:38 AM)

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To be honest I would just get the Shoulders and the chest. That gets you the max xp bonus. Beyond that I don't personally think the BoA gear is all that much better. As for enchants, you are limited to enchants that do not have a level requirement.


I disagree: The BoA weapon is very much worth the emblems. As for the trinkets, I like them because it's hard to come by useful trinkets before level 50 – Jorn86 (May 23 2010 3:41 AM)


It's also nice not to have to keep re-enchanting your weapon with Spellpower, which sells for about 500g on my realm's AH (as do the other enchants that are BiS for BoAs). – Nightfreeze (May 24 2010 2:19 AM)


Both valid points. – EBGreen (May 24 2010 9:10 AM)



While only the ones noted for conferring XP bonuses will actually increase your leveling speed, heirlooms do not have any durability which will save you money over the journey to 80, and also are usually on par with a good blue item of your current level. While once you get to the higher levels you may find things that fit the slots better, these are solid choices especially pre-60.

I would recommend the following items:



This will provide a 10% XP bonus when equipped:
Tattered Dreadmist Robe



Tattered Dreadmist Mantle

These are the PvE shoulders, if you plan to Level via PvP at all, you might consider the crit and resilience on the PvP staff instead of the int and the regen (via the spirit) on the PvE one.


Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle

Both of these shoulders will provide the 10% XP bonus when equipped, the bonus stacks with the shoulders and the ring.


Discerning Eye of the Beast
These stack and you can use two of them, so I would use them for both trinket slots.


Dignified Headmaster's Charge
This will be the best weapon for Healing.

However, for Shadow, the hit rating on the PvP staff is great. Hit rating is a very hard stat to come by prior to higher level gear.

Grand Staff of Jordan


Finally, if you can manage to win the Kalu'ak fishing derby, you can get an extra 5% XP bonus:

Dread Pirate Ring


The following enchants will work on your heirloom gear:


Enchant Chest - Major Mana
Enchant Chest - Greater Stats
Enchant Chest - Major Health


Enchant Weapon - Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect


This enchant will not work until Level 70, but it can be applied to heirloom gear:

Greater Inscription of the Gladiator


I would just add that the mace + off hand gives more raw spellpower, but less intellect and stamina : http://www.wowhead.com/item=42948 There is no offhand heirloom however. – Mihic (May 19 2010 1:56 PM)



I would personally suggest the +22 Int enchant over the +30 SP for starting off. I prefer having a very large mana pool for reducing my down time rather than a few extra points worth of damage/healing per cast.


Agreed! Edited my original post to include this. – kazzamalla (May 25 2010 3:35 PM)

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