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What BOA gear should I get for my new Shaman?



I would like to know the best BOA gear to get for each spec for a new shaman. I am planning on leveling Elemental and maybe dual-spec resto at 40. However, it would be nice to have a complete list of BOA gear for every spec. Please assume I have an unlimited amount of badges to purchase any/all BOA gear available in the game.

Also as a side note, I currently already have the BOA cloth chest/shoulders and the caster staff. Would these BOA items work alright for ele/resto? Even if they are not best, I'm wondering if it's doable or just plain stupid to go with them. Thanks in advance!

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For Elemental:

Chest: Mystical Vest of Elements. You could also use the cloth or caster leather chest items, but the spirit on them isn't very useful.

Shoulders: Mystical Pauldrons of Elements. Again, as with the chest, the cloth or caster leather pieces have spirit.

Weapon: Dignified Headmaster's Charge or Grand Staff of Jordan. The latter "wastes" some stats on resilience, but the hit can be very useful if you tend to fight higher level mobs. Also, if indeed you have unlimited budget, you can also get the Devout Aurastone Hammer and use it when you get a good off-hand/shield.

Trinket: From my experience leveling an elemental shaman, I never had mana issues, so I'd actually prefer to use Swift Hand of Justice over Discerning Eye of the Beast, or maybe use one of each.

Ring: Not much choice here, but if you can get it you'll want the Dread Pirate Ring.


Head and Shoulder enchant are not to use in Heirlooms. They required level 80. – Pedro (May 31 2010 8:12 AM)


Oh, yeah. Silly me. Fixed now. – Unknown (May 31 2010 9:07 PM)

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