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Is the dual-wielding restoration shaman making a come-back?



Dear guru's of Shamanic ways,

A few years ago, around the time of BC I had a dual wield restoration spec, which i used in BT. Of course the way mechanics played out it became more beneficial to go ahead and opt for the standard main hand + shield combo. Anyway I was wondering, after looking at the projected talent trees in cataclysm it got me pondering. Is there any merit in trying to work out a dual wield resto build again.

Cackatoo @Tanaris


+1 - Good question, added some tags and changed the title into more of a question :) – ♦♦Jesta (Jul 9 2010 1:37 PM)

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The new Talent Tree system announcement for Cataclycsm, made earlier this week, is changing talent trees completely in a way that has not been completely revealed yet. However, one of the side effects of the changes is that some core character benefits will only be available for the 'main' tree you choose. (You have to spend 31 points in a tree before you can switch to any others.)

Although these trees and benefits are not completed yet, Dual Wield is one of the talents that has been mentioned as being attached to the Enhancement main spec -- only available if this is your primary spec.

A dual wield restoration spec will not be possible in Cataclysm.

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