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When should I start reading up on class changes?



I joined after WotLK came out so I have not experienced a beta phase before. I have been reading posts about the changes since they first started coming out, but many of the things I read about have already been scrapped or altered.

Rather than confuse myself with information that might not end up live I'd like to wait until the changes have 'stabilised' - i.e. major stuff has been decided and only the details need to be worked out.

When will this happen, if ever? Should I wait with 'serious' research until the expansion has actually gone live, or is there a point beforehand from when I can start making inroads into the new information?

In case it's relevant: I have not opted in to the beta and have no intention to do so.

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Because of the nature of the game, no information ever really stabilizes, however, if you are interested in keeping informed about the expansion, but don't necessarily care much about the latest information, which at this stage of the Beta is likely to change, I would suggest waiting until Blizzard announces the release date for the expansion.

Usually, when a company announces the release date, most things are relatively final, with relatively minor changes coming about afterward (mainly bug fixes, etc).



This is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is; everything is subject to change, even after Cata goes live. So waiting until the last possible moment may be for you if you're truly trying to assimilate and want the information to be as correct as possible. I'd say once a launch date is announced you would be more apt to get answers and information more close to what it will be when Cataclysm goes live.

Depending on what class you play and what sources you look at will depend on what information you can safely start paying attention to now. For instance any classes that are being changed significantly such as warlocks and hunters are going to be quite a bit harder to pin down at this stage. I would also safely say DK's are probably not done since Blizzard officially committed to the blood tanking spec. Druids are also still being a bit tossed around it seems. Others such as rogues and it looks like warriors, shammy's and priests seem like they are being tweaked for final production. Though that is an assumption I am making based on the information I've been looking at lately.

If you are looking for information relating to areas and zones, that info is probably in it's final if not completed stages as it appears in the beta. Questing and dungeons will be tweaked and I'd stick with the launch date time. UI changes are a lot more unpredictable and can change at any time, even after launch I believe.

Hope that helps you a bit. :)

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