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What changes are planned to control burst damage against cloth wearers?



PvP is a very big part of the game, a lot of players play just to PvP.

Even having the best of PvP gear, cloth wearers seem to get killed very fast when facing melee classes...

What are the changes being made in PvP when it comes to burst damage against cloth wearers?? If any..


The answer to your question can be found @ http://epicadvice.com/questions/6476/strategy-vs-burst – Dobablo (Jul 20 2010 5:00 PM)

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Similar question: Strategy vs Burst

Health pools are being increased exponentially (as noted in the other question) and as a caster you should be able to kite certain if not most melee classes with fears, slows, blink, dispersion, knockbacks, roots, the list goes on. Most good casters don't have terrible problems with it and should have even less when they get more stamina in Cataclysm



I understand your frustration, as a career caster. Two things I can say for sure:

  1. HP is being dramatically increased (as was stated in the other answer

  2. Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate players will all have around the same HP. Currently, a Warrior can have 10,000 more HP than a Mage. But in Cataclysm, they should be much closer to the same pools.

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