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Any Pandaren sightings yet?



Rumors about Padaren being put into WoW somewhere are probably as old as WoW itself, certainly as old as the pre Burning Crusade hype - so, the question is, has Cataclysm finally done what no BC and Wrath failed to do, and include at least one Pandaren. Is there a lone Brewmaster, wandering the forrests around Mt Hyjal, looking for help from passers by. or is Chen himself to be found sitting in a dark corner of a tavern somewhere?

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Due to the fact that WoW is marketed heavily in China, and the fact that China has extremely strict regulations on any content with regards to Pandas in general, I find the addition of Pandaren into WoW as NPCs extremely unlikely.

While Blizzard did add the Pandaren Monk as an in game pet, I do believe I recall that the pet was not available for the Chinese market do to the regulations that are in place.

Long story short, you may see references to the Pandaren, but don't expect any in game NPCs or playable races.


I don't think anybody alive is worthy of playing the bundle of awesomeness that is a Pandaren anyway. – Ecogirl (Aug 6 2010 1:14 PM)

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