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Economic Outlook



For the people testing on beta Cataclysm, have you noticed any drastic price increases over prices of Northrend? I remember how 100 gold by level 40 used to be difficult. Now, I spend over 100 gold on the AH daily. I especially remember how suprised I was by the high cost of taxi services on Northrend compared to Outland. I know the mining, herbs, and new professional recipes will command a top price when the expansion comes out, but I wondered about the training, travel, and new flying training (if any).


What prices are you asking about? Vendor prices? Reagent pricing? Recipe and training prices? AH pricing? Please be more specific. – Wikwocket (Aug 12 2010 4:42 PM)

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I can't comment on how much things cost but I can find a bit of info on a major source of cash. Quest rewards.

Looking at WoWhead a full L83 daily quest such as Fear of Boring rewards 43900 XP and 8.6g. Most L83 quests are in line with that although a couple of big quests award 54900XP and 17.2g.

For comparision the Icecrown dailies (L83) grant 7.4g and 22050 XP.

The XP to gold exchange rate for max level players is 6c per XP.

Quest experience in the beta is a prime candicate to change as they manipulate the leveling rate to match content.

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