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Profession Mat Stocking for Cataclysm



What materials for my professions (basically all the primary ones) should I be stocking up on for a big push to the next level when cataclysm comes out?

For tailoring, i was thinking of just stocking up on Frostweave Bolts and for blacksmithing Titansteel.

Probably the best i could do is saving a TON of Eternals 'cause nearly every profession uses those.

Can you think of any other materials that we will need to stock up on for the spring to the next profession level?

PS: What will be the name of the next level anyway?

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I would also stock up on un-bolted Frostweave to help edge out those first few points you need in First Aid, at least that is one of my current plans. I am also keeping transmute materials for a few extra points early on depending on how the professions first few points equal out.



I'm not sure about what materials you will need but the next level in professions is "Illustrious Grand Master"

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