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What is the hit cap for a rogue?



What is the hit cap for a rogue? Mutilate PVE specced

I have 365 hit, should I get more or leave it and stack AP now?

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According to WoWWiki.com's page for Hit Rating, the hit cap for dual-wielding is 886 Hit Rating (27%). However, this cap is for your white (auto-attack) damage, and is referred to as the "hard cap".

Melee DPS also have a "soft cap" which is at 263 Hit Rating (8%) and covers your special dual-wielding attacks, any type of single-wield attack, or any type of ranged physical attack.

For more information regarding hit rating, visit the WoWWiki.com pages below:

Take note that these numbers do not include talents, such as Precision.



You will need 8% hit for your "yellow hit cap", which is

  • 66 with a Draenei in party and Precision.
  • 99 with Precision.
  • 263 without either.

For your Poisons to hit successfully, it is

  • 210 with a Shadow Priest or Moonkin in party and a Draenei with Precision.
  • 237 with just a Shadow Priest or Moonkin in party with Precision.
  • 315 with Precision only.
  • 446 without a Shadow Priest or Moonkin in party and a Draenei. No Precision.


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