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Resto Druid: Haste vs Everything



Even with, minus the robe, 4 pc Sanctified, Resto druids need to gem Haste in order to hit the 735/1 sec cap. My question is how much SP do you want to give up in order to hit that marker?

I currently wield the Mag'Hari staff from Saurfang 10. I have a heroic MH that gives me more SP but forces me to gem more haste and lose regen and crit. My only OH is DPS, with no chance to get an upgrade until after the Xpac.

Using the MH/OH combo reduces my regen and crit. Using the staff reduces my SP.

What's more important? -Seedling

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Browse my armory link: Epicmedic

This is was I would do:

  • Get to the haste cap of 735, do whatever it takes to never go below that, gem pure Haste if you have to.
  • Once you get better gear, you can start regemming more for SP.
  • I always prioritize MH + OH > Staff because of the additional SP.
  • Once you get 850+ and you have mostly SP gems and a good MH + OH, respec and drop Celestial Focus (in balance) for Living Seed (in resto).

Other things to consider:

  • Get crit out of your head - you don't care about it, you could have ZERO crit rating and you'd be fine. Rejuv and WG (70% +) of your healing can't crit. And Nature's Bounty (in the resto tree) gives Regrowth and Nourish a 25% chance to crit.
  • Regen: you are concerned your current MH + OH reduce your regen, but ask yourself: how often do I run out of mana? If I am running out of mana, am I using Innervate twice every fight? Short answer - don't worry about regen, you should not be running out of mana, especially in 10's.

Places to get Haste:

  • Neck: you have no choice but to wear a haste neck piece, there are several available to you.
  • Chest: badge chest is BiS for you.
  • Hands and Legs: T10.
  • Belt: badge belt with haste is BiS for you.
  • Boots: craft yourself Blessed Cenarion Boots, if you haven't.
  • Rings: BOTH rings need haste.
  • MH: use your Lockjaw if you don't have Trauma and/if you need Haste.

Other Places you can get Haste:

  • Cloak: 25-man Gunship drops a great Haste cloak.
  • Wrists: get your 25-man Halion wrists if you are still short.

Short answer: until 735, Haste > all. Then, replace Haste with SP to keep 735+


I agree with this answer, but it should be noted that your short answer (and your reply in general) applies specifically to this question, not in general to Resto Druids. There is a certain threshold where starting to gem for the soft cap (735 with CF) will be very, very important, but low enough gear levels where you gem haste completely and still can't get to 735 I wouldn't recommend straight haste gemming. For starting tier 9 gear and anything before that, especially if you don't have a solid staff or MH+OH, you want to be careful about how much SP you sacrifice to reach the soft cap. – kazzamalla (Sep 15 2010 10:20 PM)


That said, it is a great answer to the question asked, just Resto Druids not in similar gear to the original poster who might stumble upon this question should be wary of following this advice without thinking more about what they are giving up at the cost of the haste. – kazzamalla (Sep 15 2010 10:33 PM)


Excellent answer, thank you. – Flourpot (Sep 16 2010 10:03 AM)


I have to ask, If I don't need to worry about crit rating, why is it on all my Tier? :) – Flourpot (Sep 16 2010 10:06 AM)


One of the stated goals for cataclysm is to make each of the secondary stats matter more for each class, instead of having huge disparities like Resto Druids currently do on live. Crit was actually quite beneficial in Tier 9 due to the set bonus, but once you ditch that set bonus it really isn't necessary. Fortunately in cataclysm, our HoTs will be affected by both haste and crit, and our direct healing spells like Regrowth have some fun mechanics (like Efflorescence:http://cata.wowhead.com/spell=81275), and hopefully this will give way to better scaling with each stat (*fingers crossed*). – kazzamalla (Sep 16 2010 11:31 AM)


flourpot, that is an OUTSTANDING question: why is crit all over my gear, if it is worthless. I don't have a satisfactory answer for you, other than: designers painted us into a corner with stats we care about and, since they can't put Haste on everything and they can't give us more SP, there is no other option. There was a time around T7 when crit was bad (as usual) and Haste wasn't very good either (before Rapid Rejuv), when literally all I cared about was SP. Hopefully in Cata, Mastery, Crit, Haste, and Spirit will all four be desirable stats. – Epicmedic (Sep 16 2010 7:00 PM)

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