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Holy Priest, what am I doing wrong?



This is my armory link http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackrock&cn=Raevan

I'm in a strict 10 man guild with decent end game content. We've done 11/12 ICC 10 HM and about to do LK HM. The healing composition is Resto Shaman, Resto Druid and myself as Holy Priest

I'm wearing 4-Sanctified T10, using SP/Haste in yellow, SP/Spirit in Blue and SP in red sockets. IED is my meta gem of choice.

I've designed my spec for optimal AOE healing and utility.

The question I want to ask is what am I doing wrong to be the lowest HPS and Healing Done on Recount and guild members questioning me?

My healing technique is blanketing the raid in renews, using POM off cd, POH and CoH during intense AOE damage, dropping Flash Heal during every Surge of Light procs, using PW:S on tanks during spiky damage and utilizing Body and Soul talent.

Unless my healing technique is totally wrong or I'm gemmed or geared wrong, what am I doing wrong? Are the other healing classes healing faster than me that my heals are overheals?

I'll appreciate any feedback.

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What I am wondering about is: why are they questioning you? Are you experiencing frequent deaths and wipes due to low healing in your raids? Because if you don't, why bother about HPS and Healing done (by the way, did you check overhealing?). This answer might be highly subjective but I really think that not high numbers make a good healer, but knowing whom to heal when. As long as your raid performs well and you never seem to be lacking heals, you shouldn't worry too much.

Concerning the topic of "the other healers are healing faster" - in case you use Healbot, this might be the cause, since it lags a bit in displaying HP. Grid would be a very nice alternative that can also show you which targets are expecting an incoming heal from other healers.



Your gearing and gemming seems fine, minus a few things I would personally change. Your spec is fairly standard.

The only thing that is unknown is: what spells are you using. (world of logs is exceptionally helpful)You should NOT be using Flash Heal in that gear. Your renews will outpace it notably. --- even with SOL procs. I only use SoL procs if I need a heal on someone for a decent amount NOW, vs a lot more over time with Renew-- or to keep up my Serendipity so I have it banked when I need to POH.

I also suggest posing this question in the Priest Forums over at Plus Heal. Thereare a lot of folks there who can provide additional insight.



Have you tried Healbot? Personally it improved my healing thousand fold.



Healium is my favorite, I have tried them all, and Healium seems to be the best for my Holy Priest...

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