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Roguish behavior



I don't have a high level rogue. My highest rogue is about 35ish. I got bored with melee and stopped playing. But last night, I was having a discussion with a rogue in my guild (one of the top 10 PVE-geared rogues on our server). I remarked on how it was curious that it seems the worst offenders as far as "epeen" goes--posting unsolicited dps meters in raids/groups, or complaining when losing duels--are people who play rogues and don't have any alts (except other rogues).

My friend told me that people who only like rogues are curious specimens. He said anytime he gets into a raid with another rogue, that rogue will immediately inspect his gear. Rogue mainers seem to put an enormous amount of stock in rogue duels, as well. Like winning duels is a huge badge of honor for them, when I tend to think a duel only exemplifies gear or class imbalances between 2 players.

As a healer myself (with all 4 healing classes at 80, 2 are icc-geared), I never care or worry about topping meters because nobody cares. The healing environment, even in pug raids, is always collaborative and, for lack of a better word, nice. Non-competitive. Tanks, as well, do not seem to get into measuring contests about who can tank "better."

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter? Why do certain classes or roles act collaboratively or competitively?


No. Just no. This is liable to start nothing but flame wars. "Question" should be deleted. This is not the sort of question suitable for this site – Baberth (Sep 17 2010 2:24 AM)


While the lead in to the actual question is a bit slanted, I would say that the question itself is actually rather valid. I would be curious as to peoples' thoughts as to "Why do certain classes or roles act collaboratively or competitively?" However, it does open a can of worms which will likely result in flame wars, etc. If anything, this question should probably be set as a community wiki, because it has no definite answer. – Spazmoosifer (Sep 17 2010 12:40 PM)


Out of curiosity why is this labeled healing? While you do play a healer and this is part of your experience it doesn't have anything to do with actually healing as much as it does tanking, which you didn't seem to think needed to be tagged as well. – Woldo (Sep 17 2010 4:18 PM)


This could lead to an interesting discussion, but it is also flame-bait material. The FAQ advises against questions that are "subjective, argumentative, will start a flame-war or require extended discussion." – Wikwocket (Sep 20 2010 9:40 AM)


I made exactly the same experience. I also noticed healers to be, generally spoken, more supportive and pure dps classes to be more competitive. Imo it is a very good question and I do not see any 'flames' so far. – Nyri (Oct 1 2010 7:13 PM)

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While I don't like the way that this question is proposed (mostly because I'm one of the people that play a rogue and only a rogue) I may as well answer.

I believe this is something left over from the thought that rogues bring nothing to the raid but their damage output, and that they are meant to be the kings of PvP, both going back to vanilla WoW. This causes (I believe) most rogues to be extremely competetive, especially against other rogues. Min-maxing to top meters and winning duels and other PvP are a huge concern to many of these people because they think that if they don't, they get replaced. End of story. While this is no longer the case it's harder to change thought process than to patch a buff/nerf in at the start of an expansion, which probably leaves the older players (and newer ones who have heard stories of this time) thinking the same as in vanilla.

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