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Armor Penetration in patch 4.0?



Alright so I heard that armor pen is going to be replaced in patch 4.0 which is very close since I am downloading it right now. I also heard that it is going to be replaced by crit. Okay i am a fury warrior so as you know i have a few pieces of leather. Should I start replacing all of them with plate because without armor penetration they will be useless as that is the only reason plate users use leather. Oh and im already at 45% crit chance, with all the gems converted, won't I be at like 80% or something. So would I have to regem everything?

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All I can say is yes, you should try to get all plate gear. There's a 5% bonus to a stat (I'd guess strength for warriors) if you wear all plate gear.



  1. Yes, you'll want to replace the leather gear come 4.0 as the previous response said... you'll get plate mastery which increases your strength by 5% (iirc) if you use all plate

  2. Yes, you're going to have to regem. I've heard horror stories about fury warriors with 6k+ gear scores doing incredibly low dps based upon what they're used to seeing currently because they're way over the crit cap. All of their arp gems have turned to crit, and all of the arp on their gear has changed to either crit, or haste if the gear already has crit on it.


crappppppp there goes my 100% armor pen and now i gotta waste all my gold regemming... – Adam (Oct 1 2010 10:30 AM)

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