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Mastery Rating and all its goodness



So im sure once the realms come up everyone and they're mother is going to Reforge gear. I know i will. Mastery seems interesting to me but i have no idea how much Mastery we will need at lvl 80. Do we even need it?

Im currently not at the Hit cap on my Prot Pally. atleast gear alone Hit Cap. I had to take a Gem here and there with a little Hit. Should I reforge some gear to the Hit Cap or Expertise Cap before we take some Mastery? Should I even bother with Mastery?


This varies wildly by class and spec, and I'd advise you to narrow your question to Paladins specifically. For instance, for Rogues, Mastery is complete garbage. – Feist (Oct 12 2010 7:16 PM)

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You should definitely take advantage of mastery. It's a pretty powerful stat that has a direct effect on your ability to tank, just like Hit and Expertise do. That said, the goal with the secondary stats is to find a good balance between them. Hit is still the most important, so make sure you've hit that cap. Once you're happy with the stats you have, you can start trading out gear that gets you beyond the stat caps, and reforge those pieces to help you balance the stats.



That would depend on your gear and what you are tanking. For protection paladins hit and expertise boost your threat. Mastery is a boost to block so it is a mitigation stat. Mix and match the as required.

Since you mentioned gems, hit gems are now blue. Mastery and dodge are now yellow.

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