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Destruction Warlock 4.0 Rotation



What is the destruction single target/multiple target rotation for patch 4.0?

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This uses advice placed on a WowHead discussion to set cast priorities.

  • CoE
  • Soul Fire (if Empowered Imp) (Soulburn if Emp Imp isn't available to get haste buff)
  • Immolate
  • Conflagrate
  • BoD (Use BoH where available)
  • Corruption
  • Chaos Bolt
  • Shadowflame (currently good enough to use on single target)
  • SP/Incinerate (Searing pain did hit for mre but has now been nerfed).

Also consider using Shadow Bolt for the the 5% crit debuff if no one else is putting it on the mob.

When there are lots of adds then Rain of Fire or Seed of Corruption will be best.


is this ment to be interpreted as a priority list? depending on CDs/up-status? Otherwise its only a list of destruction spells. – Nyri (Oct 21 2010 11:54 AM)


Yes, it is a priorities list. – Dobablo (Oct 22 2010 2:56 AM)

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