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Several questions about Patch 4.0.1 Hunters



I was wondering:

1) How much does the new Focus resource regenerate on its own? Apparently according to the initial announcement of Cataclysm, it was going to regenerate at 6 points per second but I heard it was lower in the early Beta stages. Can anybody clarify how fast it recharges on 4.0.1?

2) Does Haste increase this regen rate? I mean not through Steady/Cobra Shot.

3) Has the Hunter Global Cooldown been reduced to 1 second? I heard there were talks of Blizzard doing this but has it been done?

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1) I believe it's 4 focus per second in 4.0.1 but I'll be damned if I can find a source on that.

2) Yes, Haste increases focus regen, but I don't know by how much

3) Yes, Hunters have a 1sec GCD now. It's a little disorienting.


Thats an adequate answer for me, I actually checked some updated statistics on Elitist Jerks and they say that A) Focus regen is at 4.08 FPS and B) Haste increases it by 1% per percentage of Haste. I decided to vote up your answer anyway because that was all I was really looking for. – Clbull (Oct 15 2010 2:41 PM)

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