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Respeccing DK tank after 4.0.1 patch



Ok, so I was previously a Frost/Unholy DK and obviously have little experience tanking after patch. Respec as blood/unholy... done. Confident about my choices... not exactly. Blood worms really threw me a loop. Now, I have never been specced as blood, so I'm not 100% on how the aggro works on them. I basically left them out worried that they would work much like Army of Dead. I am wondering if some are finding them useful, or a pain, tanking random heroics. In short, should I include them in my talents?

Note: I am NOT raid geared and I don't plan on gearing up before Cata seeing that the gear will be useless rather quickly. This question is for tanking heroics and moving onto Cata leveling when applicable which will probably be done in my pvp/unholy spec for the most part with the exception of instances.

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Blood worms are nothing like Army of the Dead. They are non target-able, and aren't summoned. They have a random chance to spawn, and will "attack" whatever you are attacking. They are nice to have, and even help the healer some since they basically explode & do splash healing.

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