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Download Lich King to play Cataclysm?



I have not played since The Wrath of The Lich King came out and wanted to know if i have to buy Wrath of The Lich King to play Cataclysm or can i just buy Cataclysm and play?


duplicate question: http://epicadvice.com/questions/7511/do-i-need-burning-crusade-and-wrath-before-i-get-the-new-expansion/7512#7512 – Baberth (Oct 18 2010 3:53 PM)

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You need to own the original game and all expansions, in order. So to play BC, you need "Vanilla"+BC. To play Wrath, you need "Vanilla"+BC+Wrath. And to play Cataclysm, you need "Vanilla"+BC+Wrath+Cataclysm.

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