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Changing Combat Text font



I am NOT looking for a scrolling combat text replacement. I want to use the default.

There have been several addons throughout WoW's history that have worked at one time or another, but I cannot find one for 4.0.1.

Does anyone have an addon / method to simply change the default scrolling combat font or size?

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I hope it is what you are searching for - it replaces font of floating numbers/texts. Example: http://s.wowinterface.com/preview/pvw15737.jpg

If it's not what you are looking for, please explain :)


I'm gonna leave the question open, but I did bump your answer. I've used Nice Damage, but it quit working recently... Does it still work? Maybe I just need to reinstall. – Epicmedic (Nov 7 2010 12:26 PM)


It works ok for me ... maybe try reinstalling. – Debron (Nov 12 2010 8:23 AM)


Try reinstalling maybe, it works OK for me. Maybe some other addon is reverting font changes... Try running game with only NiceDamage enabled to see if it is indeed the issue. – Debron (Nov 12 2010 8:26 AM)

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