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login to game but not realm



hey all,

i have just re-installed WOW and all the patches but i can't play.

i can log in ok but not connect to my realm.

i downloaded a copy using the "download game client" but it's not letting me connect to the realm (or any realm)


Is Tuesday server maintenance day for you? I have lost track of the number of times I've logged on to find the servers are down for their weekly reset. – Dobablo (Oct 26 2010 3:32 AM)

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Today is regular Tuesday maintenance. Did you get a box on the left that stated that servers would be down from 5am to 11am pacific?


no & it was not maintenance. I'm still having the problems. i can log in but i get the realm selection screen and can go no further – Furby (Oct 27 2010 4:57 AM)

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