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Some macro's seem to be failing!! Help!!



Some macro's I've noticed have failed. Usually I focus on my tank and then macro /assist focus to some of my spells. I've noticed this macro is not targeting my focus' target. What am I doing wrong?

Example of an old macro that is not working for me.

/assist Focus
/cast Obliterate

This used to target my focus' target and cast my spell on it. Now it doesn't work the same for me.


Can you give us an example of an actual macro that's failing? – Baberth (Oct 28 2010 3:07 AM)


When I DPS I always focus the Main Tank. Some of my spells are macro'd like this. /assist focus /cast icy touch This should target my focus' target should it not? It's not working for me. – JohnnyTorrance (Oct 28 2010 12:45 PM)

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There are modifiers available for the /cast command. One of these is @focustarget
So, if you do:

/cast [@focustarget] Obliterate  

This will cast Obliterate on the target of your focus

This can be extended so that it will only attempt it if the target is hostile:

/cast [@focustarget, harm] Obliterate  

And, if you did:

/cast [@focustarget, harm] Obliterate; Obliterate

This would give it a fall back of casting obliterate on your own current target if your focus isn't targetting something hostile.

This would allow you to attack another target at the same time.
Not sure if this is what you're after, though

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