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Cataclysm Craftable Gear?



Anyone have a complete list of craftable gear (level 85 blues/epics)?

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I did some searching on MMO-Champion.com and Wowhead.com, and here is what I could come up with. The MMO-Champion links contain all of the recipes, but should be sorted by level, meaning that new recipes for level 81+ at the top. The Wowhead links should include only recipes that have been added in Cataclysm.

Keep in mind that not all recipes have been added to the expansion yet, and the databases may not have complete information until the release of the expansion.




Changed this to a community wiki so that others can update the information if necessary, or add links of their own if they find other crafting locations. – Spazmoosifer (Nov 9 2010 12:52 PM)

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