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Is there an addon to add frames that show just the tanks?



My hunter is in a new guild, and running 25mans instead of 10s. So rather than having 1 or 2 tanks that I recognise there are a lot more that I can't ID quickly (and that aren't marked with icons!). I would love an addon that lets me have a frame with all the tanks in it, so I can target them quickly for things such as MD. My paladin uses Vuhdo, but that seems a little OP for just tanks, and I was wondering if there was an alternative. I currently use SuF on my hunter, nothing else.

  • very preferably lightweight
  • click to target (or allowing a key + click combo to MD - say 'SHIFT + rightclick')
  • customisable, in that I'd like to be able to pick size, placement & if poss add things like class colours
  • I'd prefer not to show other raid members as it would probably mean I'd take longer to ID the tank I needed (given 25 boxes)

(Any other solutions to this problem would of course be welcome!)

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There is an addon called Who's tanking - frames that does this, though I believe that it requires you to have oRA3 installed as well. However, it let's you maintain your own tank list, letting you assign/remove tanks as necessary, as well as assign a priority to the tanks (based on their location in the list).



  1. Get ora3
  2. Get SimpleTankFrames

There you go!



This method depends on your raid leaders actually using this function. Mine do.

This is possible using the default UI. I've included 2 screen shots that should show how to do it. Most raid frame addons also have the ability to display them separately (like vuhdo or healbot. I don't know if grid does.)

Mark main tanks like this (or get your raid leaders to)
Raid tab in social - right click - main tank

Enable this option in your interface options to get them to show in the default raid frames
Interface - Raid Frames - Display main Tank

With regard to the click to target with MD, I'd just use clique or a mouseover macro

/cast [@mouseover,help,exists][@focus,help,exists][] Misdirection;

If you disable the other groups by clicking on the number, while leaving the tanks thing on, it should only display the tanks

This was also possible pre 4.0.1, but worked differently. Also, I'm not sure which, but one of my addons prevented the tab on the left from showing up.



ora2 can work as well.

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