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Level 70 PvP gear



With 4.0.1 having come out recently, and all of us waiting with barely contained excitement at the prospect of the world being torn asunder, I have a question which some of you may be able to answer.

I've never done any high level arena before (I got to 900 rating? Am I awesome or what? :P ) and as such don't know who, what or where the vendors for lv70 PvP gear are.

With the Cataclysm, can you still obtain these sets? And for how much? I'm aware that Merciless Gladiators gear was taken out a long while ago, but I'm reasonably certain that Brutal gear was still available for arena points.

Looking through WoWhead makes it seem that they are gone, but I can't find any notes or news regarding this.

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You can buy level 70 pvp rewards from the "Outland Armor Quartermaster" (Lieutenant Rachel Vaccar) in Old Town in Stormwind (same place other PvP vendors are).

Prices range from 50 honor points to 140 honor points.

In addition, there is a vendor in Gadgetzan who sells level 70 PvP gear that used to be Arena gear. These pieces also cost Honor Points, but range in cost from 855 to 1603.

All items that are obtained via honor points and are for level 70 can be seen with this WoWhead search:


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