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Worgen Racial Crit Stacking



The Worgen racial Viciousness provides 1% crit. Will this stack before or after gear? As in will it ALWAYS provide 1% crit no matter my gear, or will it be subject to any kind of Diminishing returns?

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Critical strike chance does not suffer any form of diminishing returns. While some melee classes can, at extreme (Read:highly unlikely to be reached in Cataclysm) gear levels, this is a hard cap, not a point of DR.

Similarly, while there is a flat reduction in your chance to critically hit a raid boss, this is a flat reduction. Not DR. Every additional point of crit rating or +1% to crit increases your chance to crit by as much as the last point did until you reach 100% (or the aforementioned melee cap.)

Viciousness stacks with everything, and stacks additively.

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