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Fresh 80 in Cata content?



I've got 2 80's that were pretty much ICC geared and went straight into Cata content with them. However I'm leveling a dwarf shaman now and I'm wondering if a brand-spanking-new fresh 80 can dive into Hyjal/Vash'jir, or is there a certain gearing up period I should go through? Granted, this guy is only 19 right now, but I'm having a ton of fun with him and plan on taking him straight to 85. Thanks.

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Both Hyjal and Vashj'ir are designed to be playable by fresh level 80 characters, just like how Hellfire Penninsula works for 58 and Borean Tundra & Howling Fjord work for 68.

The quest rewards in both zones will very quickly gear you up, I found my mage had completely replaced his T10.5 set by the time I got to Deepholm. My helm was replaced on the very first quest reward I got.

Edit: I just learned the quests that take you to Hyjal and Vashj'ir are not available until level 80, not 78 as with previous zones. The gear rules still apply, however.


Many thanks, sir. I was unsure because I saw many blue posts that said level 78 toons couldn't quest in this area, wasn't aware it was tuned for those levels anyway. Good to hear! – InternetH3ro (Dec 17 2010 2:38 PM)


I agree with this. My rogue hit 80 just some weeks before Cata and thus I didn't bother to gear her up with wrath items. She's now almost through Hyjal and got a lot of new items from quests, narrowing the gap between her and ICC-geared players. It really is quite doable. – Nayu (Dec 17 2010 6:07 PM)


One thing that is different between Cata and older expansions is that due to iLevel restrictions you will not be able to queue up for Cata instances right away – Unknown (Dec 19 2010 11:19 PM)


The restrictions on the first 2 dungeons aren't that tight. My DK was able to get into the BRC with just the gear from the quests that lead up to it. Everything else was 187 blue or lower, I hit 80 3 days before Cata on him so everything he had was from quests and regular dungeons before Cata. – Slowcat (Dec 21 2010 6:46 AM)

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