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Multi-box leveling guides?



I just got into multi-boxing and was wondering if there was a guide out there for quest leveling. It sounds crazy and you prolly get more xp from running dungeons but sometimes questing is fun too. What a multi boxer needs is quests where you don't have to hunt for certain items or gathering quests.

Does anyone have a clue if a guide of this nature exists? I.E. Quests where you have to slay someone or something, or quests where you have to investigate a place.

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With the changes to quest flow in Cataclysm it's no longer possible to skip quests like you could before. Rather then a whole bunch of quests and a few long chains, entire zones are chains with little clusters of quests that all have to be completed before you can move to the next step in the zone.

I don't believe you will be able to find any current questing guides that let you only do killing quests and never any gathering quests. Everything is about narrative these days.

As far as leveling guides in general, I've been more-or-less pleased with Wow-Pro's addon. Occasionally the guides will have errors or inaccuracies, but for 98% of my questing it's been spot on. Combine it with TomTom and you can practically quest on auto-pilot.



check out dual-boxing.com. I'm not sure about guides with the new questing style, but that forum is pretty much a one stop shop for all your multiboxing needs

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