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Is there an in game addon for looking up WoW Players in the armory?



After playing in arenas, I usually look up my opponents in the armory. However, a lot of times user names will have strange characters like Ö or Ä, making it difficult to type their names in (especially because arenas will close after 2 minutes). Is there any add-on that will allow you to look up a character in the WoW armory (maybe by right clicking on their name?), or copy and paste the name (or any text) into a browser?


I would think that this would be a possible feature request for addons like Proximo or Gladius. It certainly would be simple enough to add I would think (it should be something as simple as formatting a string and outputting it to a box). The only thing is that it would have to be a copy/paste thing, but I doubt that would be a major problem based on your question. – Spazmoosifer (Mar 14 2011 2:31 PM)

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If you want to look up the armory data inside WoW, no, it's not possible since addons cannot access the internet. It should, however, be possible to allow you to copy a link which you could then paste into your browser. I'm not aware of any addons that currently offer this functionality.

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