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Spending my 7 free days of WoW - what are some fun quests at level 77?



I got tired of playing and quit more than an year ago. Now I feel like I miss WoW so I took the opportunity of the free 7 days promotion Blizzard sent out.

Now, my 77 lock is in the Undercity all alone and I have no idea of where to go. The goal is to complete some fun quests, level up and explore.

Is there a quest chain at that level you can recommend and that can be completed in 3-4 sessions?

Additional question - are there quests for my level outside of Northrend?

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At 77, you don't have a whole lot of options. You could go back and run through some of the lower level areas (I personally found Thousand Needles to be quite a bit more interesting, but I am on the Alliance side). Or, you could quest out in the Zul'Drak/Storm Peaks/Icecrown areas.

It would be in your best interest, however, to avoid the new Cataclysm content, because the mobs it quite a bit harder, to the point where some people going into those areas at level 80 found it somewhat difficult.


Is thousand Needles is like 40? Or there is some new content for higher levels? – anonymous-openid-user (May 26 2011 9:29 PM)


I agree with those zone choices. Zul'Drak is a great Troll area, though it does have some feed-in from earlier Grizzly Hills quests. Storm Peaks is more stand-alone. Icecrown will take the longest, and some 5 mans at the end might be hard to complete, but it is basically the story to the expansion. If you can't fly, don't forget to visit K3 for a free flying vehicle. – Dobablo (May 27 2011 1:30 AM)


Thousand Needles is definitely still around the level 40ish range, however, it was revamped quite a bit (what with it being flooded & all now). I found it to be quite enjoyable. – Spazmoosifer (Jun 1 2011 8:48 AM)



Roll a new toon. Some of the new starter zones are great. I assume you can't do Worgan or Goblin but are well worth a play through if you get the chance. All the old world races have much improved starter quests. They really give you an introduction to the world story, vehicle mechanics, progressive story telling and quest that don't send you through the same spot 5 times. Undead is especially epic. You go from unbirth to discovering a covert attack to full blown invasion and war in just 2 zones. Lots of nasty stuff going on. Dwarfs have very strong first zone with a civil war/dark iron invasion, but after that I switched to the human lands which feel very well done.


So very much this ^^. The revamped old world is absolutely fabulous. – Ecogirl (May 27 2011 7:31 AM)

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