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How can I replicate the pre-patch-4.1 automatic target switch on mob death?



Before the patch my hunter would automatically switch to a new target if the original target died. I'm sure it had something to do with autoshot as well.

This behaviour was changed in the patch, and although I'm glad I no longer accidentally pull bosses I find the change annoying in AoE "pew-pew anything" situations. It takes me a smidgen too long to realise my original guy is dead and I'm targetless (and thus not deepsing). My fingers aren't conveniently placed to tab-target easily when I'm doing other things as well.

Does anybody have a work-around for this?

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You can probably do this relatively easily with a macro, though it would likely require you to add it to every attack you want to do this with. For example:

/startattack /cast Multi-Shot

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