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How do you access the Molten Front dailies?



I haven't gone through the Molten Front dailies yet. I've recently leveled a new toon to 85 and want to give the grind a shot. How do I access these dailies? I have quested out in Hyjal while leveling with the assumption that I had to in order to do these dailies.

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Depending on your progression in Mount Hyjal, you will be able to pick up either [Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!] or [Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients]. These quests will send you in the proper direction to be able to open up the Molten Front daily quest hub.

NOTE: You must basically complete the "beginning" portion of the Mount Hyjal questline which will end with [Aessina's Miracle].

Phase 1: The Invasion

Once you complete the above requirements, you will gain access to a short quest line: - Opening the Door - A Ritual of Flame - To the Sanctuary! - Caught Unawares (6 Marks of the World Tree) - The Sanctuary Must Not Fall (10 Marks of the World Tree)

Phase 3: The Sanctuary of Malorne

After completing The Invasion, you will receive the quest [Calling for Reinforcements], which requires you to obtain 16 Marks of the World Tree, and you will gain access to a set of daily quests, which will grant you a total of 4 Marks of the World Tree per day.

A) Each day you will be able to complete one of the following random daily quests (1 Mark): - Rise Against the Flames - Rise Against the Flames - Rise Against the Flames - Rise Against the Flames - Supplies for the Other Side

B) You will also be able to complete one of the following random sets of daily quests: - Between the Trees (1 Mark) / The Power of Malorne (2 Marks) - Call of the Flock (1 Mark) / Wings Aflame (2 Marks) - Perfecting Your Howl (1 Mark) / The Call of the Pack (2 Marks) - Punting Season (1 Mark) / Echoes of Nemesis (2 Marks) - Those Bears Up There (1 Mark) / Nature's Blessing (2 Marks)

HINT: Always start with the quests from B first, because you will most likely gain credit toward the quests in A from killing a few mobs (including quest mobs).

Upon obtaining the 20 Marks necessary for [Calling for Reinforcements], you can complete the quest and you will be able to finish a short quest line with the following quests: - Leyara - Through the Gates of Hell (15 Marks)

Phase 4: The Molten Front (The Grind)

Once you have opened up The Molten Front, you will have a choice to make. You may either choose to start with the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens. It makes little difference which one you choose, as you will have to complete both in order to open the next phase. Also when you start this phase, three additional daily quests will become available at The Sanctuary of Malorne, however, they are simply added to the random dailies from group A above. Those quests are: - Treating the Wounds (1 Mark) - Relieving the Pain (1 Mark) - Releasing the Pressure (1 Mark)

You will also gain access to a bunch more daily quests in this phase. You can complete all of the following quests every day, and each one rewards 2 Marks of the World Tree - Burn Victims - Hostile Elements - The Protectors of Hyjal

Along with those, you will have two sets of random daily quests, to complete as well:

Group A (2 Marks): - The Dogs of War - The Harder They Fall - Traitors Return - Breach in the Defenses

Group B (2 Marks) - Aggressive Growth - Wisp Away

In total, you will be able to obtain 14 Marks of the World Tree per day during this phase. Once you have obtained 150 Marks, you may choose to help out either the Druids of the Talon or Shadow Wardens. NOTE: It makes little difference which one you choose, because both grant the same additional Marks, and you will want to save up another 150 for the other in order to enter Phase 6.

Phase 5: The Druids of the Talon / Shadow Wardens

NOTE: Once you are able to help both the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens, you may only complete daily quests for one group per day (so, if I choose to help the Druids today, I cannot do any of the Wardens' quests until the next day).

Phase 5a: The Druids of the Talon

Once you have chosen to assist the Druids, you will get a quest called [Flight of the Storm Crows] which, when completed, will grant you access to some additional daily quests.

At this point, you can pick up the daily quests from previous phases, and a few additional quests.


If you have unlocked Avrilla, you will be able to complete her quests (see the Avrilla section of Phase 5b).

You may also pick up the quest [Into the Fire] (2 Marks), which will lead you to the Druids of the Talon mini-hub area. At this mini-hub, you may do the following:


If you have found Anren Shadowseeker, and completed the one-time quest [Need...Water...Badly...] (5 Marks), you will be able to complete one of the following quests per day, each granting 1 Mark:

  • Hounds of Shannox
  • How Hot

Also, as a result of completing the quest [Into the Fire] you will be dropped down into a large hole, where you will be able to pick up the following daily quests, which you may complete each day (2 Marks each):

  • Fire Flowers
  • Flamewalkers of the Molten Flow

Upon completing the quests from down in the big hole, you will be able to complete two additional daily quests, one from each of the following groups:

Group 1 (2 Marks): - Singed Wings - Territorial Birds

Group 2 (2 Marks): - Group A: - Peaked Interest - Starting Young - Mother's Malice - Group B: - Fire in the Skies (only available the day after completing a quest from Group A)

In total, you should be able to obtain 25 Marks of the World Tree when participating in Phase 5a.

Phase 5b: The Shadow Wardens

If you have chosen to help the Shadow Wardens you will be able complete [The Hunt Begins] along with a one-time quest chain:

  • The Mysterious Seed
  • Planting Season
  • Little Lasher (5 Marks)


If you have already unlocked Anren Shadowseeker (see the Anren section of Phase 5a), you will gain access to the following daily quests:

  • Fandral's Methods
  • The Flame Spider Queen


Once you unlock Avrilla, by finding a Dried Acorn from a Druid of the Flame near Widows Clutch and completing the associated quest, you will be able to complete one of the following quests per day, granting you an additional 1 Mark: - Embergris - Some Like It Hot - Steal Magmolias

You will also be given a breadcrumb quest ([The Warden's Charge]) that rewards no Marks, but leads to the Shadow Wardens' mini-hub, with the following set of quests:

  • The Forlorn Spire (2 Marks) / Enduring the Heat (2 Marks)

Along with the following sets of quests to pick up:

Group A - one per day - Solar Core Destruction - The Wardens are Watching

Group B - two per day - Wicked Webs - Pyroarachnophobia - Egg-stinction

In total, if you have chosen the Shadow Wardens, you should obtain 25 Marks of the World Tree per day when participating in Phase 5b.

Phase 6: Additional Supplies

If you have completed [The Hunt Begins] (Shadow Wardens) and [Flight of the Storm Crows] (Druids of the Talon), you will open up three new quests which require 125 Marks each to open up access to vendors at the Regrowth:

  • Additional Armaments
  • Calling the Ancients
  • Filling the Moonwell

NOTE: Completing [Calling the Ancients] first will result in the highest yield of Marks of the World Tree during this phase, and allows you to complete the Molten Front approximately two days earlier, due to an additional daily quest.

Additional Armaments

Unlocks Damek Bloombeard, and gives access to the following dailies (one per day, 2 Marks): - A Bitter Pill - Living Obsidium - The Bigger They Are - Bye Bye Burdy

Calling the Ancients

Unlocks Varlan Highbough, and gives access to the daily quests [Strike at the Heart] (3 Marks).

Filling the Moonwell

Unlocks Ayla Shadowstorm, gives access to the end of the Leyara quest chain:

  • Into the Depths (10 Marks)
    • A Smoke-Stained Locket
    • Unlocking the Secrets Within
    • Tragedy and Family
    • The Tipping Point
    • The Rest is History (rewards: Leyara's Locket)

Upon completing all three portions of Phase 6, you should be able to obtain 31 Marks of the World Tree per day, and have access to the 3 vendors. You will also be able to continue doing daily quests, and obtain marks to purchase [Zen'Vorka's Cache], which has a chance to drop [Scorched Stone]

http://www.wowhead.com/guide=58/a-guide-to-the-molten-front-and-respective-quests http://www.wowwiki.com/Molten_Front#Quests


I strongly suggest visiting the Wowhead link at the end, because it has a much better format, and might be a bit easier to read/understand. – Spazmoosifer (Sep 17 2011 8:10 PM)


What happened to phase 2? – Dobablo (Sep 19 2011 1:49 AM)


I've started the grind, which means I'm at phase 4. It's going to take a while, but it will be worth it. Thanks for answering my question and for all the amazing info! – DarkFinch (Sep 23 2011 9:11 PM)

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